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Welcome to the fanlisting for Fast Friends, episode 5 in season 7 of Full House. For two weeks, Stephanie has been in the sixth grade at DiMaggio Junior High School. Her old friends all attend different schools now because of a redistricting plan, and she is desperate to make new friends. Steph finds an unexpected blessing in Mickey, a seventh grader who helps her adjust to the school. And then Mickey's cigarette-smoking pals, led by Gia Mahan, want Stephanie to smoke cigarettes with them. That is why she is not sure that these girls are her kind of friends.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey are having a special segment of their radio show, Rush Hour Renegades, where they have brought in D.J., Steve Hale, and Kimmy Gibbler to talk to teenagers who call in to seek advice. Jesse and Joey argue about what the title of the segment should be.

Air Date: October 12, 1993
Writer: Bob Sand
Director: John Stacy

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