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Welcome to the fanlisting for Amber Holt (Mae Whitman), age 16 at the beginning of the series, is Sarah's rebellious, willful, and not very studious daughter who is seeking direction in life. She resents her move from Fresno, particularly after her mother thwarts her efforts to stay by moving in with her boyfriend. She resents her father's drug use and abandonment more than her brother because she claims that she can remember the hard times better than he can. At one point, she and her mother and brother were living in a motel together to be away from their father.

She shows musical inclination and is a talented guitar player and songwriter. Toward, the end of the second season, despite receiving a 2250 on her SATs and having a successful interview with a Berkeley alumna, Amber learns that she has been rejected from both colleges she applied to and has to decide what to do with her life. Following a path of drug abuse with her new friend, Gary, the couple is violently t-boned by an SUV. Amber is critically injured, but recovers and decides to start over. She has since moved out of her grandparents' house and into her own apartment but her relationships with her family, in particular her mother, have remained intact. She started working as a secretary at the Luncheonette, her uncles' recording studio, and in season four, she meets Ryan, a young Afghanistan war veteran. The two start in a relationship and are shown to be fairly steady for several episodes. However, after a heated argument about his drinking habits and poor decision-making, Amber breaks up with Ryan because he reminded her too much of her own father, who abandoned her family prior to the series. The two reconciled in the fourth season finale and were shown to be very happy. In the first episode of season five, Ryan proposes to Amber after returning from another tour of duty. She accepts the proposal. He buys her a very expensive engagement ring that she is uncomfortable accepting as he used all his money from the army to purchase it. This leads to tension between the couple. Ryan becomes upset when he feels as though a member of the band that The Luncheonette is recording is flirting with Amber and when he picks her up from a bar, he gets into a fight with one of the guys, leading to him being arrested. The band decides not to press charges but Amber isn't sure where their relationship stands, especially after Crosby and Adam ask that Ryan not come around the Luncheonette for a while.

After a talk with her grandfather, she tells Ryan that she loves him and wants to work through things and have a family with him. However, he tells her that he doesn't know how to be a part of this world, because it makes no sense to him and has reenlisted in the army. He ends their engagement, which leads to Amber going on a bender. One night she ends up at a bar that her father works at. After getting into an altercation with a man at the bar, she stays the night at her father's place and reconnects with him. Ryan later gets hurt and is discharged, and Amber goes to visit him in the hospital, but Ryan's mother shows up and insists he return to Wyoming. Later, Amber finds out she is pregnant with Ryan's child. However, she exhibits a strong want to raise the child on her own without his help. In the penultimate episode of the series, Amber gives birth to a son, whom she names Ezekiel (Zeek) after her grandfather. Because she is struggling in her small apartment, Zeek and Camille invite Amber and her baby to move in with them, to which she happily agrees. After an undisclosed amount of time, Amber is now married to a man with a daughter of his own, while Ryan remains a part of his son's life.